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TMLS Industrial Problem Solving Workshops (IPSW)

The Goal of the IPWS sessions are to provide unparalleled contact and collaboration between professional machine learning practitioners / researchers with Canadian Industry.

IPSW sessions offer a valuable opportunity to connect industries with faculty, postdocs, graduate students and ML practitioners who have expertise in industrial problem solving using machine learning.


Who we are looking for:

  • Problem Solvers: Practitioners: Faculty, postdocs, graduate students, data scientists and researchers from Industry.

    (Needed: 1-3 Day Commitment)

  • Industry: Companies or Associations looking to solve a specific problem. Able to provide a data-set.

    (Needed: Problem to be proposed. Corresponding data-set. Can be publicly available data).



Why Participate?

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For Practitioners:

  • Hone skills on real industry research problems and data

  • Find application for existing tools

  • Network with Industry Researchers, and other Academics - Gain mentorship

  • Explore potential follow-up opportunities; Contract work, and employment.

  • Build experience on interesting machine learning problems arising outside the confines of academia

  • Try new scientific tools in novel application areas

    * Previous workshops have seen such involvement turn into long-term collaborations, often leading to journal publications and new research directions

For Industry Partners:

  • Get access to experienced and talented Machine Learning Researchers, mathematical modellers and problem-solvers

  • Explore talent pool and gain prospects

  • Connect with Academia and cutting edge research

  • Partial or complete solutions to the problem of interest without massive financial investments

  • Minimal time commitments with possibility for long-term collaboration with participating academics

  • Help Find inexpensive in-house strategies.

    * Similar workshops in Europe and North America have saved participating companies hundreds of thousands of dollars

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Commitment of TMLS:

TMLS will provide the academic expertise and infrastructure for this workshop.

Commitment of Industrial Partners:

Each participating company contributes a problem with content for discussion during the workshop. They also commit a representative to participate in the workshop during the problem-solving phase (one day).