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The Toronto Machine Learning Summit 2017 (TMLS) is a unique event focusing on both business, and technical applied ML/AI. Throughout 2 days, TMLS will bring together Toronto's best and brightest Practitioners, Researchers, Entrepreneurs and Executives to highlight our community and foster growth in the local ecosystem.

November 20-21st 2018
8:30am-10pm, 8:30am- 9pm,
The Carlu, 444 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5B 2H4


A message from the 2018 Toronto Machine Learning Summit Chairman

Event TRacks

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Case Studies


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2017-2018 Sponsors

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100+  Past Speakers 

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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are unlocking unprecedented business advantage and delivering exciting, rewarding careers. Despite the vast opportunities that lie in our data, there are also explicit challenges to harnessing them effectively.

To address these challenges and to foster the growth of ML/AI in Toronto we have gathered the top insights, expertise and do's-and-don'ts from our community of over 6,000 local members to create 2 parallel tracks over 2 days: one for Business Leaders, and one for Practitioners.

Business Leaders, including C-level executives and non-tech leaders, will explore immediate opportunities, and define clear next steps for building their business advantage around their data. 

Practitioners will dissect technical approaches, case studies, tools, and techniques to explore Natural Language Processing, Neural Nets, Reinforcement Learning, Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), Evolution Strategies, AutoML and more. 

The content will be practical, non-sponsored, and tailored to our local eco-system. TMLS is not a sales pitch - It's a connection to a deep community that is committed to advancing ML/AI to deliver value and exciting careers for Canadian Businesses and Individuals

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Select Attendees from 2017-18 Events

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2018 Attendee Demographics

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2017-2018 Attendee Titles 

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Deep Community

The work we do extends both before and after the Toronto Machine Learning Summit. We bring the community together for:

  1. Meetups: practitioner-driven gatherings, speakers share real successes and failures in the world of Machine Learning
  2. Special Interest Group - Deep Learning (SIG-DL): for advanced scientists to understand the latest advances
  3. CTO/CIO Breakfasts: for business leaders to explore their challenges in an intimate setting with experienced AI implementers
  4. Machine Learning Transition Programs: placing practicioners and PhD's on co-op projects that translate to full-time employment
  5. Research Scholarships: for scientists to stay in Toronto and perform exciting research aligned with real business objectives

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In the next five years, every company is going to need an AI strategy.
— Tiff Macklem, dean of the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto
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Q: Why should I attend the TMLS? 

Developments are happening fast - it's important to stay on top. 

For businesses and experts, you will have direct contact to the people that matter most. For data practitioners you'll learn how to cut through the noise and fast-track your learning process.

The event is casual and tickets are priced to remove all barriers to entry. Space however is limited. Tell us your businesses's burning questions and we'll have you directly matched with the right answers, and people who can make a difference. 

Q: Who will attend? 

The event will have two tracks: One for Business, one for Practitioners.  Business Executives, PhD researchers, Engineers and Practitioners ranging from Beginner to Advanced (multiple project experience). 

Q: I'm not sure artificial intelligence can benefit my business. Is this still relevant? 

Yes, a large component of the business track will be dedicated towards understanding the potential of machine learning and ensuring ROI. You can describe to us your project or problems and we will connect you with researchers and council. There will be many people to assist, on site. No additional charges. 

Q: Can my company have a display? 

Yes, there will spaces for company displays. You can inquire at

Q: Will tickets include access to the after-party? 

Yes, attendees will have full access to both night's post event networking social. 

Q: Where and how can I register?

Visit here to reserve your spot. 

Q: Will you give out the attendee list? 

No, we do our best to ensure attendees are not inundated with messages, We allow attendees to stay in contact through our slack channel and follow-up monthly socials,

Q: Can I speak at the event?

Yes you can submit an abstract here. Deadline to submit a talk is Sept 1st. 

*Content is non-commercial and speaking spots cannot be purchased. 

Q: What's the date, time? 

Tuesday November 20th, 9am-10pm (including after-party) and Wednesday November 21st, 9am- 5pm (Relocate to local pub afterwards). We will also have a separate day dedicated for workshops.

Q: Where is the event taking place? 

The event will take place at the historic Carlu at College and Yonge Street, Downtown Toronto; 444 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5B 2H4. 

Q: Do you have a hotel block or discounts?

We do not have hotel discounts. 

Q: Who can I speak with for questions? 

You can visit here for more information, or email and somebody will be in contact within 24 hours. 


TMLS Code of Conduct

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