How did you come up with your idea?

For TMLS attendees it is very important to know how you approach the problem you are trying to solve. What was the intuition behind it? How did you come up with a method to solve it?

What is your take-home message?

If I were going to remember ONE idea about your talk. What should that idea be? Make sure you finish your talk with your take-home message.

Commercial content?

Please keep in mind, TMLS audiences have historically been sensitive and critical of what is deemed “commercial” content. Often this isn’t an intential “pitch” but can be misrepresented as additional time spent focusing on the company itself, and less on the lessons learned, greater teaching, or the application of focus.


We recommend talks must not exceed 20 minutes leaving 5 minutes for questions.

  • Timing will be strictly enforced to ensure a smooth handover between speakers.

  • Please ensure that you have rehearsed the timing of your talk beforehand.

  • As a rule of thumb you should have one slide per minute of talk time.


The preferred formats are Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe PDF.

  • Please prepare your slides in 16:9 ratio aspect

  • We suggest bringing a copy of all the files including movies on a USB key as a backup in case there are technical problems setting up your talk.

  • Our recommended PowerPoint template is available here

Assertion-Evidence Model

We encourage our speakers to use the assertion-evidence model. This model is a fantastic way to communicate science to large audiences.

Useful links: